Dark Wings Brushes

Let's say this is my Halloween treat for you :) I drew those wings today, and turned into brushes. I've created left and right wings for your convenience Have fun with your designs! Ellipsis
Dark Wings Brushes

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  1. Missing


  2. Thanks. Lost these on restore before I could try. Love em~~~

  3. Merci Hawksmont!

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    Gracias... =)

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    Love them ! Thank you

  6. Missing

    i love your work

  7. Missing

    thanks breeww

  8. cool

  9. 34347_124355670942902_100001054093440_150253_7839686_n

    i like it's!!! <3

  10. 2407051-md_01mj_001


  11. Static.profile.yahoo.com

    i like :)

  12. Missing

    Good (y)

  13. Missing

    Very cool. Very well done. Can't wait to start using these!
    Thank You very much Hawksmont!


  14. Welsh%20dragon%20for%20disqus

    Great for Halloween projects, thanks.

  15. ?height=50&width=50

    Is it ok i use this like an outro for youtube maybe, i will give you credit ^^?

  16. ?height=50&width=50

    thanks ilike brushs

  17. Missing


  18. Wild%20west%20mxw

    nice great 4 school project!

  19. ?height=50&width=50

    this is great!!!

  20. 'Tis a nice one! Thank you so very much!


  21. Missing

    muyy bueno el pincel

  22. Missing

    c'est drôle la plupart des brush que j'aime c,est toi la créatrice je vais avoir de beaux brush grâce à toi.merci beaucoup

  23. Missing


  24. Missing

    Cám ơn!! thank you!

  25. Missing

    matur nuwun jeh

  26. Assassins-creed

    Yay!, Just what i needed!.

  27. Missing

    owh thank you ??

  28. Dsc00782

    girl i love you

  29. Me2

    These are the Best. Thanks....

  30. _-1_

    verey nice

  31. Missing

    love the brushessssssssssss

  32. Missing

    Awesome!! Thank you for sharing! :o)

  33. Missing


  34. Panda_icon_300_px

    Ooo la la! I cannot WAIT to see how my demon character comes out now! Almost mystical compared to hand-drawn and then colored, lol. At least with my talents! (I'm saying my talents are horrible, so take it as a compliment, please.)

  35. 170211_lr

    Thank you for sharing - you're very talented, these wings are beautiful. If you are interested to see what I created with them please see my daily blog: http://geekheartsaday.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/eye-of-the-beholder/

  36. Missing

    THANK U !

  37. Color%20me%20digital

    thank you...

  38. Missing


  39. Missing

    Thanks these look soo cool You have sone a great job well done :)

  40. Avatar

    Awesome set of Brushes im sure to have fun with these thankyou for sharing them, greatly appreciated.

  41. Missing

    THANK YOU~~~~!!!!! XD

  42. Missing


  43. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you very much for sharing this brushes with us. :D

  44. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Love them! Thank you so much :D

  45. Missing

    batman brush

  46. Missing


  47. Jayson_voorhees

    Ah yes, Halloween... my favourite time of the year! Thanks for the wings.

  48. Missing

    Мне понравилось

  49. Missing


  50. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i

    nicely done!!!

  51. Missing

    it's very nice!!!!thank u!! :D

  52. Jimmuel


  53. Missing

    Awesome! Thanks

  54. Img0021a

    anak ng P#[email protected], Ang Lupeet!!!

  55. Missing

    Thank you

  56. Missing

    cool :D

  57. Missing

    cool :D

  58. gracias ^^

  59. Bola_69_lila

    Muchas gracias , te lo as currado mogollon

  60. Wedding_nightf

    COOL! thanks! =D

  61. Missing

    yeah karnala gracias

  62. Missing


  63. thanks!!!!!!!!! esta super!!1

  64. Missing


  65. Missing

    awesome. . thanx

  66. thx so much!!

  67. Missing


  68. 2-300px

    just in time.... many thanx!

  69. Euohm

    Thx for up!

  70. Photo_283


  71. O_real_madrid_posibles_fichajes-999370

    muy buenos gracias por compartir ;)

  72. Ad

    good job!!

  73. _

    wow// i was need it!!! very★very thank u!!!

  74. Missing

    very nice

  75. Mig

    Pretty cool :D

  76. _

    dats preiittiiey

  77. Hehehehe


  78. Missing

    very goog i download now

  79. 35419_129615960408356_116096618426957_142074_956313_n


  80. 35419_129615960408356_116096618426957_142074_956313_n


  81. 34946_1370621461361_1106466376_30958233_5580745_n


  82. Untitled-1

    Thank you for uploading...)

  83. Missing

    oh my god! I love them!!

  84. Missing

    thank you very mush

  85. Amor_80_


  86. V

    thanks =))

  87. 98886bzr554f8o81

    Wow ! this is cool!

    i like these brushes.

  88. Fnhgftnhjg_blerina

    Thx,love it!

  89. Gb_avy_dont_try


  90. Glowpic

    nice treat

  91. Amazing.. Thanks...

  92. Missing

    I was JUST looking for bat wings. THANKYOU!

  93. thamks

  94. Joshbie_11


  95. Hanan

    coooool ,, very nice

  96. Missing
  97. 25118_rough_1.psd


  98. Nmxx


  99. Missing

    thx a lot

  100. G


  101. Alger10aa_17_

    merci c'est super!

  102. _copy

    it so cOOL !!~

  103. 853_render_146896852_small

    Este me sirve para mi hija dark !! Gracias

  104. 16252_101123403248669_100000530291995_28823_1106440_n


  105. Gffgf

    very thnx and gooood bruch

  106. Image0089

    super thanku

  107. nice, thank you

  108. Stillcap0022

    so cool i love it very much

  109. Dscf4859

    I love it All!

  110. L_6dd04a8da2b04adea608ca0f615b1d89

    Love 'em for oldschool fun... perfect compliment for the devil horns on former "friend" pictures... lol.

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