Spiderman Pattern! a cool mesh pattern!

Hi this is a pattern created by s0nkite.deviantart.com I made this pattern, from a metal thing, its tilable 100% for both height and width! In the image you see above, I used also a radial gradient as multiply and Internal shadows in Adobe's Photoshop! ENJOY IT & USE IT -with - MUTCH LOVE!!! HOW TO INSTALL Copy the pattern file and paste it into, C:/Programs/Adobe/Photoshop/Presets/Patterns or into your location!!! It is created with Photoshop CS2 sorry if it doesnt works in other versions! If you like this pattern and use it anywhere, please show your work, and your love! I would like to see it used in other works!!! Or just say a "thanks" :) See more art from me: www.witchgraft.com or s0nkite.deviantart.com Ellipsis
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