dorin jannotta

Well Hello. During the day I'm a technical artist for a engineering firm but at night I'm a aspiring motion graphics and VFX artist.

Check out for some freebies

  • Fanned-cobble-stone-texture
    Fanned Cobble Stone Texture
  • Jungle-fern-brushes
    Jungle Fern Brushes
  • Cracked-brushes
    Cracked Brushes
  • Hard-grunge-preview
    Hard Grunge Brush Set
  • Screwed_ps_brushes_preview
    Screwed Brush Set
  • Retro_tech_ps_brushes_preview
    Retro Tech Brush Set
  • Argile_preview_image2
    Argyle Pattern Set
  • Flashback2
    Flashback Pattern Set
  • Stonebrushes
    Stone Brushes
  • Decocorners4
    Deco Corners
  • Palmpromo_thumb
    Exotic swamp bushes Brushset
  • 3dcube_pattern
    3D Cube Patterns
  • Americanroadsigns
    Road Signs Brushes
  • 4sided_preview_grunge
    Grunge Texture
  • Circularconnection2
    Circular Connections
  • 4sided_flourishes
    Flourished Brush Set

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