Pro Sharpening Actions

Professional sharpening actions. Includes several techniques including the common desaturated High Pass, but also a more accurate sharpening method. Both for 8 bit (normal) and 16 bit images. Tested in CS3, CS4 and CS5. The sharpening (user chooses radius) is placed on a new layer, and opacity can be adjusted to increase or decrease the strength. Suggested settings: Sharpen for screen: 0.3-1.0 px radius Sharpen for press (halftone): 2 px radius Sharpen for print (inkjet): 2-3 px radius Tip: Use masks to limit it to areas of the image. Tip: Use a super-high radius for local contrast enhancement. Update 4/9/2010: * The set now includes Smart Sharpen as well as a readme. * Default opacity changed on the actions. Update 11/9/2010: * Motion Blur sharpening removed. This is covered by Smart Sharpen. * Default opacity corrected right this time. * Desaturation of the sharpening effect now properly only affects Saturation. Ellipsis
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