Transparency Conversion Tools

Transparency Conversion Tools

Contains actions for converting between transparency and an Alpha Channel. You can convert back and forth without loosing any image quality.

Ps: It assumes your Alpha Channel is named "Alpha 1".

Free for personal and commercial use.

Transparency Conversion Tools

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  1. Ghost-toy

    If you don't know what channels are, are you sure you need this?
    These actions are quite niche...

  2. 03-24-2010_ricki2

    I don't understand about channels... are there written instructions how to do this action?

  3. Ikiloh_bro

    i like... thank you..

  4. Ghost-toy

    You're welcome Good to know someone in need found it. :)

    Just curious; what are you using it for?

  5. Small

    What do you know, I came back and came across this again and I'm glad because now I can thank you so very much, it has made things much more simple for me. You rock! ヅツジシッ

  6. Missing

    Thank You Very Much :D!

  7. Bm049

    thank you :D

  8. Enriqueiglesias00

    It's awesome........thanx.

  9. Ghost-toy

    You rarely need to create alpha channels from transparency (and converting back is easy).

    I figure this might be most useful for something like game developers (texture artists)... :)

  10. Rq

    i haven't been able to use it yet but thanks

  11. Missing


  12. Missing


  13. Ghost-toy

    Yes, it should work flawlessly, but please report back if you experience any problems.

    (sorry about late reply)

  14. Missing

    hi, does this work in CS3?