Bokeh Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

This is a set of 2 bokeh brushes. One circular and one octagon shape.

These brushes are dynamic so they are ready to be brushed on your background without having to adjust the settings. They will automatically scatter to different areas of the background as you brush them on.

For best results, add 3 or more layers of bokeh starting out at a small brush size and increasing it slightly on each following layer. add a slight gaussian blur to each layer of bokeh, decreasing the strength on each layer everytime.

Hope you enjoy them...

Free to use in all your personal art projects. For any kind of commercial me....

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Bokeh Brushes

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  1. WOW! Nicely done.... thanks!

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    đẹp quá

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    Nicely done! Thanks

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    very cool thanks...

  6. I love this, very nice!

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    thank you

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    thank you!

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    Me Encanto

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    that s good but if you share the learn of it was better

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    Lovely and what wonderful instructions too :) Thank you Diana! I'm such a proud owner of your Commercial Use License :-)

  12. Me-new-photo

    Beautiful Diana, Thankyou so much for all your wonderful brushes.
    Wendy xx