Light Brushes

Light Brushes

Luces desenfocadas, las encontre en internet y son geniales

Light Brushes

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  2. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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    Thank you very much, it's great.

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    is very rarely but is ok

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    thanks for all the cool brushes, look forward to your newsletter.

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    Thanks for sharing these! They're amazing

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    i downloaded it but it's on zip file... how can i change it into pat file??

  8. 65102_389203901160790_875867590_n

    itz jus awesome....i <3 it :)

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    hi, where did you find these brushes? they are fantastic!! are they free to use in commercial photos?

  10. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    hi! i didn't creating these.. i just found them, and i shared it because are fantastic.. thanks for show me your image! i realy like it!

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    I love your bokeh brushes thank you for creating them. I used them in this image

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    thank you. it really helps :)

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    thankss itss awesomeee

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    tksssssssss so muchhh<3

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    belliiii :)

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    love it ^^"

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    Was Looking For This .. Thanks :D

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  22. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30


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    i love these! SOOO PERFECT!

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    thx :)

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    Beautiful! Thank you!

  26. 5258

    Thanks i like it

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    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^***

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    Thanks! *0*

  29. Purplrflowersbykisunch

    Thanks! <3

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    gracias:] thanks

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    Awesome brushes! Thanks a million! (:

  32. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    vamos que llega a 50000!

  33. Nyz Brush zet!! Thankz 4 sharin'!

  34. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30
  35. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    de nadaaa genial que comente gente de chile bien ahi

  36. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    wow! how did you do that litle faces! cool

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    grasias ;D

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    thank u~谢谢你

  39. thanks a lot... :)

  40. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    de nada!

  41. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    what? i only speak spanish and english...

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    ThAnK YoU!!! :D

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    Đẹp lắm.

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    awesome! thak's

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  47. Wolf

    thank u

  48. Dsc_0430

    Muy bueno!!! Eso me va a sacar de más de un lío. Gracias

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    I tried these out and I love them! Awesome job!

  50. Untitled-21

    yes mer30 az u

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    THnx AloOt !

  52. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    Thanks every body for download this file!

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    Спасибо! =)

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  55. Ridho_slank

    thank u

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    really Thanks

  57. nice...

  58. Wisam.k_1_

    thes good

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    Thank u!

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    this will put nice design on the pictures, well done

  61. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    thank for say thank in my files shared :D jaja

  62. 1hand

    like it much! thank u :))

  63. Photofunia_poster-brickwall

    Love them, thank you :D