Marian Davids

I'm an director, musician and GFX artist from germany. I'll be uploading some Photoshop stuff now and then. Be sure to check out my website (once it's finished) and my YouTube account for some useful and interesting videos and other things.

  • Infinity
    Awesome Infinity Wallpaper!
  • Rkfx
    Awesome kinetic/grunge design!
  • Game_logosthumb
    Game Logo Brushes
  • Chrome_n_glassthumb
    Cool Chrome/Glass Layer Style!
  • _
    Action distortion
  • Thumbnail
    Gun Brushes for Photoshop V2
  • Gun-brushes
    Gun Brushes for Photoshop
  • Bling_bling_your_name_by_dccanim
    Bling Bling your name
  • Ligth_brushes_by_rubina119
    Ligth Brushes
  • Thumb
    Spiderman Pattern! a cool mesh pattern!