Bling Bling your name

Bling Bling your name Install the action, play Type you name and enjoy Ellipsis
Bling Bling your name

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  1. Missing

    Awesome nad thank you :)

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    thanx :)

  3. ?height=50&width=50

    how it work

  4. 999322_429016963871780_539966997_n

    Awsome thx !

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    love it!

  6. ?height=50&width=50

    nice ♥

  7. ?height=50&width=50


  8. ?height=50&width=50

    Great love this so much thank you

  9. Snapshot_20120129_12

    love it! thanks

  10. Stamp-ctc-cabbage-patch-kids


  11. Missing

    AHHHH so cool!

  12. ?height=50&width=50

    I need more Font Like THat

  13. Missing

    coool one..

  14. N100000030976928_6908

    Я рад, что вы используете

  15. Missing

    очень помог, спасибо!

  16. Missing

    hi guys i need cool and nice frames for cs3 please help

  17. Jere_600_profile

    Would love to see more!

  18. N100000030976928_6908

    Thank you very much, it means that I should do more :)

  19. Jere_600_profile

    One of my most used! This is great.

  20. Missing

    Thank you, very creative effect.

  21. Missing

    I love it! All that and more! Thank you for this great in CS5

  22. ?height=50&width=50

    anjing loe semuanya..! haha

    I said re kontol sama kangen band
    ngentot ngentot sama kangen band

  23. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Awesome! Thank you :D

  24. N100000030976928_6908

    Hahaha! Thanks!

  25. Img_6291

    Janga Ding Bing Bling Sun

  26. Missing


  27. Missing

    Thank you!

  28. N100000030976928_6908

    man, I just finnish one tutorial for a IT magazine from Carolina (south or north I don't even remember) and I hate to make stuff like that
    maybe if you look on the internet you find a bunch

    but concerning what you ask me, if you want to make an action from a font or a selection maybe the best way is to make just a style for this


  29. Missing

    hi again. thanks for answering my question. if I want to make, let us say, a cool glass effect upon my text how do I do than. what I want to know is how do you make your action, bacause I should use some of that tecnic when I open a new window and make my text and size in that. I think i have to make a big picture of the effect and then select my text and use it as a cut out tool so only whats inside the letters is back, and afterwards i will have to give the edge som effect. Are you up for it, would I really like a tutorial for this, because it's some heawy shit to make.

  30. Jere_600_profile

    Great results! Thank you.

  31. N100000030976928_6908

    if you want to make an action with one of your effects, you have first learn well all the steps for making this without errors or mistakes

    after that, go to action panel, create a new action, give a name and a shortcuts (if you want) and start to draw your effects from zero (open a new file, add a new layer etc.)

    when you finish all the settings, go to action panel and press STOP

    after that you have to look on action, to remove unnecessary steps, or to set some parts of your action to have an dialog with user

    before you put on the net, please test your action to run properly

    good luck!

  32. Missing

    hey. really nice action. how do you create such one. Isk because I have a book full of cool texteffects I can create, but it sur would be nice if I could make and action like yours so I just had to make the effect and then could put it on every text i make

  33. Logo_300

    Does that mean it's not the same "action pack" you put on deviantart ?
    I'm gonna try it again, because "the other" one was a disapointing.

  34. N100000030976928_6908

    background here is neutral, all the action is oriented for writing style
    after that you can put on whatever background you want

  35. Logo_300

    Unfortunately, the actions are essentially for the background (which i don't like much), not for the gold outline.

  36. Missing


  37. N100000030976928_6908

    unfortunately I don't have a CS5 installed but I think is the same like in all the older versions:

    Just drag the .atn file to your Photoshop application window.
    After that you can find the action in Window/Actions/Bling Bling (or press F9 to see the Actions window)
    Press PLAY and follow some very simple instructions.

  38. ?height=50&width=50

    A very stupid question:

    were you have to upload actions in cs5?

    sorry for the stupid question.
    (im just a biginner) ;)

  39. Missing

    yeaaaaaahh yo yo

  40. Missing


  41. N100000030976928_6908

    Thank you!

  42. N100000030976928_6908


  43. Missing


  44. Missing

    Luv itttt!!!!

  45. Untitled-1


  46. N100000030976928_6908

    Just drag the .atn file to you Photoshop application
    After that you can find this in Window/Actions/Bling Bling
    Press PLAY and follow the simple instructions
    easy and fun! :)

  47. Missing

    How do I use this? IM kind of new to photoshop.

  48. N100000030976928_6908

    Window/Actions/Bling Bling

  49. Missing

    where do i find it in cs3?!? :)

  50. Missing

    pls i need a cs5 setup

  51. N100000030976928_6908

    of course

  52. Missing

    can i use this on CS5?

  53. Missing

    Thanks Buddy:)

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