Gun Brushes for Photoshop

Gun Brushes for Photoshop

Guns Guns Guns!
Great quality gun brushes.

Gun Brushes for Photoshop

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    Genial, muy buena calidad y tamaño. Gracias por compartir.

  2. Thanks for the fire arms. Hope they work. Will be awhile before I am very good. Use a toy gun right now. LOL! Just paint it and such. Will give credits when I learn and grow some...

  3. Missing

    ow yeah ! pow!

  4. Missing

    nice!, thanks so much!

  5. Missing

    Awesome tyvm >:)!

  6. Missing

    ow yeah

  7. Missing

    ow yeah

  8. great guns,

  9. Missing

    i am have PhotoShop CS5

  10. Missing

    nice gun

  11. Animation_copy

    nice shoot !! ^_^

  12. Missing

    suka nie...banyak kongsi la ya bro!!!

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  14. Missing

    i like it

  15. Missing
  16. Missing

    very good.......................nice

  17. Missing
  18. Tiger

    Thanks for the downloads everyone. I am going to be making more soon! if you guys have any requests please send a email to me at [email protected] Thanks!

  19. Missing

    Brushes look wicked thanks

  20. Missing

    I like them thank you

  21. Missing

    brushes is the best thanks!!

  22. Missing

    how do u guys make these brushes they are amazing!!!

  23. Missing

    Big thanx.

  24. Missing

    thank you very much jack !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This very usefull

  25. Missing

    guns are awesome. many thx :)

  26. 109

    Thank you very much for sharing

  27. Tiger

    Also make sure to check out the Gun Brushes for Photoshop V2 that i made. they are here on brusheezy.

  28. Tiger

    no prob but my Photoshop is being wacky i may need to reinstall it but i will defiantly make them sometime in the future.

  29. Missing

    haha these are amazing, hope you can add more with pistols and more scopes/rifles etc.. very useful

  30. 027a383

    I didn't always like guns, but I'm in love with it now, guns are sexy x] Thanks!

  31. Missing

    merci :)

  32. Nourpac

    love it

  33. _0530

    thank you

  34. wow damn dats sick da 44

  35. Missing

    wow! thank!

  36. Curved_ii

    haha!this so cool!!tnx!..

  37. Missing

    Thankssssssssssssss !!!

  38. Tiger

    I really appreciate all the downloads and thank you's. No problem guys!

  39. Missing

    Thx alot Gi jack

  40. Fotito

    Thanks GiJack.

  41. Dave_01

    nice;bang bang...

  42. Missing

    thnkx !!!!

  43. 12

    wooo ! it's wonderfull!
    thanks brusheezy very much!!!!! ^(*_*)^

  44. Crazy_cat2_display

    love this!

  45. Tiger

    make sure you are using Photoshop Cs4 or Cs5 anything less may not work.

  46. Baseball

    dont work

  47. Awesome!