Neon Vibrance Background

Neon Vibrance Background

Black background with neon, glowing and vibrant lighting pattern overlays and brushes

Neon Vibrance Background

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  1. Missing

    Open with a ZipOpener like WinRAR then it will go to Photoshop.

  2. Missing

    what folder does this go in?

  3. Missing

    what do i open it with? Photoshop wont allow it

  4. Kitty%20smiles

    please pardon my ignorance but what does Linking Back mean and how does one go about doing so? I would like to use this pattern as a background in my commercial work. So, do I list your information in the File Info? Like in Photoshop there is a place where you can list who made the image, where it was made ect. is this where I list the info?

  5. spero che mi srva

  6. Missing


  7. 28210_393795961173_724131173_4516847_992518_n

    thank you

  8. Small

    Very interesting!

  9. Missing

    i like it.Thank you!

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  11. 28210_393795961173_724131173_4516847_992518_n


  12. 28210_393795961173_724131173_4516847_992518_n

    thank you!

  13. Kitty%20smiles

    Fantastic use of color! Very well done! I applaud you : ) TY for the share ~ your efforts are greatly appreciated!

  14. _dsc0031

    Uall ;)

  15. Missing

    Unique and vibrant. TY! :)