Grunge Brushes

Grunge Brushes

Everybody does grunge!

I've made those brushes myself and now there is a big black stain on my carpet Feel free to use them in any way you want to. They were created in Photoshop 7

Just have fun

You can find more hawksmont Photoshop brushes on my page

Before you use my brushes, please read the terms of use

Grunge Brushes

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    You can get a nice effect for corroding paper, flower-petals, and other 2D things by using these as eraser-brushes. Thanks!

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    like it

  4. Missing

    I like it

  5. Missing

    I like!!! x3 Wow : )

  6. Irena: Can I use these brushes free of charge?

  7. ?height=50&width=50

    maraming salamat tayo....

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    muuuito bom *-*

  9. Victoria_s

    thx a lot for the brushes helped me a lot :)

  10. Coccinelle_simple


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  12. Cristiano_ronaldo_football_hero

    very nice!!

    i like it !