floral texture

floral texture.for your personal and commercial use. you can find more texture on http://hadania.blogspot.com/ enjoy and thanks for your comments!) Ellipsis
floral texture

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  2. Missing

    There is a small red dot near the swirly design that looks bad, I had to edit it out for this to be usable. Very good design though.

  3. Missing

    Looks amazing! I like your work!

  4. Missing

    i like it

  5. Missing

    this is beautiful! thanks!

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    Thanks :)

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    Thank you! :)

  8. Missing

    Thank You! Think I can use it to make awesome graphics.

  9. Missing

    Thank you :)

  10. This makes a very nice vignette, thank you!

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    thank you!

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    thank you

  13. Missing

    I am doing something wrong in the download process, it won't let me open, says it is the wrong kind of document...help!

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    Thanks you very much

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  16. Jami_2

    Thanks for the texture. I like...

  17. Missing


  18. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw

    thanks for your coment:)

  19. 6-en

    I like it so much,,

  20. 0_3301

    Thanks a lot!

  21. Uchiha_madara_by_kunalprabhu

    Thank for this great texture!
    Very nice!

  22. _

    It's so cool!!!!!THX!

  23. Missing

    Thank you very much

  24. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw


  25. Missing

    I love this one!!!

  26. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw

    no, in that case, you did well.-

  27. Missing

    I do but it just brings up the above picture. Am I doing something wrong?

  28. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw

    press button download,and lower the file zip.

  29. Missing

    how do you save/download these? When I tried earlier it just brought up the same picture.

  30. Missing

    Great Texture ! Thanks for uploading I would love to use it for one of my travel project..

  31. Missing

    thanks :)

  32. thx so much - cool

  33. Missing

    Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  34. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw

    license attribution and share alike,you can used for your proyect,and commercially to,

  35. Missing

    hey paulaxx! great texture!! do you have a license on it? because i would really like to use it for a part of my project! let me know!

  36. Missing

    Thank you so much. -LL.

  37. 18764_1181729031011_1461757733_456176_881632_n

    realy like it.......... thnx

  38. Missing

    Love this texture. Thank you!

  39. Gallery-3285395-500x500

    thank's Paulaxx

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    Oh, my! This is awesome! Thanks so much!

  41. Img_2015-04-30_19_13_49_bw

    thanks for your comments,i hope you serve,really:))

  42. esta textura é 5 stars

  43. Missing


  44. Missing

    nice thx a lot

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