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I am a 35-year-old woman from Reedsville, West Virginia, United States. I am Self Employed and own several businesses, non-profits, social media networks, forums, blogs & more, with my main business being Illusive Enterprises at Please join my website to learn more information on all of my other websites and access member's only content, registration is free, quick & very easy. I absolutely love Web & Graphic Design and am currently working on over 50+ websites. I am always seeking help with my websites and hire everyone from beginners to freelancers to professionals. I have many open job positions so if you need work of any type and have knowledge of computers and the web, please do contact me via my Illusive Enterprises website, link above. I am happily engaged to my female partner of 12+ years, yes that means I am a lesbian, and yes I am extremely proud of who I am, God made me this way & why would I not be proud of anything God made? I also love spending time with my family, friends & pets as well. I have many other hobbies including woodworking, carpenty/construction, hiking, ATV riding, mechanic work on vehicles, model building, collecting coins, stamps & antiques & lots more.

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    Clear Skies Gradients
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    210 Gradients - modern and simple
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    three color in gradients
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    32 Photoshop Gradients for Photoshop
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    Thebrandyman Styles Pack!
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    The Ultimate Gradients Pack #5
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    The Ultimate Gradients Pack #4
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    The Ultimate Gradients Pack #3
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    The Ultimate Gradients Pack #2
  • Gradients-pack-1-main
    The Ultimate Gradients Pack #1
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    Old Photo Gradients
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    400+ Photoshop Style Pack
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    some Gradients
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