Old Photo Gradients

Gradients with colors from old monochrome Photographs (from daguerreotypes to "modern" silver emulsion). Can be used to give and image that old Photo color palette by using it as a Gradient Map (adjustment layer in Photoshop). To keep your luminosity, set the blend mode to Color. Ellipsis
Old Photo Gradients

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  1. Missing

    thank you for the gradients. You are a generous group of people

  2. Wonderful.

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    ty very much

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    cudowne! dzięki!

  6. Ghost-toy

    Photoshop CS6 now ships with a similar gradient set called "Photographic Toning". Check it out (you might not need mine)! :)

  7. ?height=50&width=50

    i like free things :) soo thank you very much

  8. Wild%20west%20mxw

    this will work thanks

  9. Alidel_smile_sai_sai

    Very cool
    Thank you

  10. Omemab

    i love it

  11. Vikas

    Thank you

  12. Vikas

    Thank you

  13. Vikas

    Thank you

  14. Missing

    very nice :))

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  16. Missing

    Wonderful! TY~

  17. _

    thanks i really love this site

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  19. Missing

    cool thanks :))

  20. Missing

    Good stuff m8, cheers!

  21. 143

    Thanks (:

  22. Missing

    Thank you

  23. Missing

    I like these. Thank you

    very nice

  24. Dhory_wlive

    excelente los degradados ...

  25. Missing

    thank you..

  26. 47285


  27. Guah_

    thx very much...

  28. Missing

    very nice

  29. Missing

    Ooooh, I like these. Thank you!

  30. Missing

    They just look like they could be used for it!!

  31. Ghost-toy

    I guess some could be used for that as well, but not really what I was aiming for... :P

  32. Missing

    Awesome: Metals!!

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