Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set #1

my very first photoshop pattern set. 40 basic patterns for your graphic needs! visit for further info and tips! Ellipsis
Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set #1

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  1. 怎么下载没反应?

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    Looks like a good set! Thanks!

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    thank you

  7. Missing

    Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Missing

    thk you

  10. Onew5

    Very useful, thanks! :D

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  12. Missing

    Nice :D

  13. Missing

    Thank you so much for this. They'ew helpful a lots :)

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  15. Missing

    Thanks.Hope its helpful.

  16. Missing

    Thank You Very much ! :) All i Want is this ! :) i already found the pattern i always searching ! :)

  17. Missing

    Thanks to you, I can be lazy. I needed scan lines, and was too lazy to make them. (Bad, right?)

    Thanks again.

  18. Kin2

    very nice ;))

  19. Luca-cartoon

    thanks to all of you, i'm glad to see all these comments and downloads! you are all welcome!

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    thanks! good work

  24. Missing

    :) Nice

  25. ?height=50&width=50

    You stole my name! :O

    Good work though thanks! ^-^

  26. Luca-cartoon
  27. Cc0339

    thanks for sharing !

  28. Luca-cartoon
  29. Missing

    Really Usefull

  30. Luca-cartoon

    hey, you are welcome. good work with that

  31. Missing

    thank u so much

  32. Luca-cartoon

    happy to be useful!

  33. Wp67395

    Thanks for your

  34. Luca-cartoon

    you're welcome and thanks ;)

  35. great site, found it today, try to make diagonal lines... for my new redizajn of

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