Texture Pattern - Damask Pattern Pack

Texture Pattern - Damask Pattern Pack

A simple and elegant seamless damask pattern in 5 colorways. Each color combination is unique and each is textured to add depth and interest in these damask patterns. Some of the texture damask pattern files have a textile look and some have a metallic look. I've also included the seamless gold leaf pattern I used in the background of the gold-cordovan-aubergine version.

This damask texture pattern pack is free for personal and commercial use. I hope you enjoy them! If you use them for something interesting and would like to show it off, I'd love to see.


Texture Pattern - Damask Pattern Pack

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    beautiful! thank you for sharing

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    I really love these!

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    So perfect and beautiful. Great job, props to you! Thank you so much for sharing <3

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    many ta's for sharing, love the pattern : )