Microsoft ZUNE PSD

Microsoft ZUNE PSD

Full psd file of the Microsoft ZUNE.
Display is half the size as the regular file.

Make a wallpaper with it?!?!
Make a fancy advert with it?!?!?!
Use it to display a ZUNE wallpaper.
Dont use it all?!?!?
Study the layers and make your own?!?!?
Just sit and stare at its magnificent beauty?!?! get the idea....its something with it.

Reference picture [link]

As you can see its not the same as this pic...But I own a ZUNE and this pic is not accurate either...So I changed it up a bit.

Both Zunes are the same with only the change of the wallpaper. Each Zune is 26 Layers. Very Detailed.

And if you use it...please let me now so I can see it and give credit in your description.

Thank you.
DP Studios

Microsoft ZUNE PSD

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    lol great job