Iranian Brushes Flower and Bird

Iranian Brushes Flower and Bird

Brushes Flower and Bird - Iranian Art

This brush projects that Iranian artists Iranian Safavid era the "Gol & morgh" Flower and Bird called.

This Brush is example of IranianIslamic art and design of Iran

Iranian Brushes Flower and Bird

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    Thank you so much for sharing

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    دمت گرم داداش
    داشتیم اینجا احساس غربت می کردیم :)
    خیلی خوب بود ...

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    Beautiful brushes - thank you!

  4. Missing

    چه خوشحال شدم یه چنین چیزایو اینجا دیدم ..مرسی

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    not for ps7 waste of time

  6. Sc_online

    :)عالي بود....ممنون

  7. My_logo

    ajab brushi bood... kheyli khoob bid..

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    ~ :) TY!

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    ممنون عزیز

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    It won't open in Photoshop 7.0.

  11. Dohaup_880845383

    LOVE it so much

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    Wonderful. I look forward to using these. I will have to make something just to use them. Thank you for sharing.

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    Oh, this is so very beautiful! Thank you!

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    I love it

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    Very nice indeed!!!

  17. 74326_imgcache

    شكرا... انت مميز جدا

  18. 74326_imgcache

    Thanks ... You are very special

  19. ta muito fixe, diferente, obrigado...