Vector Style 'Stalk' Photoshop Brushes

Vector Style 'Stalk' Photoshop Brushes

Set of 19 clean n simple 'stalk' brushes made in PS 7. Comment if you download and like them please! For non-commercial use only. Please email me to discuss use for commercial purposes.

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Copyright: MelsBrushes

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Vector Style 'Stalk' Photoshop Brushes

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    very nice! thanks

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    it's so nice!thanks

  3. Top!!!

  4. Image0482

    it looks so great! thank you

  5. Cambodia_grunge_flag_by_think0

    I like it so much.. :D

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    These look great - can't wait to use them, thanks!

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  8. love it...

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    n_n very nice+ !

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    It's cute with its details

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    nice set! thanks for sharing ;-)

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    What i can say.... it amazing.

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    Great !

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    Great !

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    they are so beauty thank you for you

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    They are helpful for me. Thank you for sharing !!!

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    nice one...more power to you.

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    These are great! Thank you :D

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    Thanks for sharing, these will look great on my scrapbook pages.

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    ♥ tks~~

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    Very nice! Thanks ^_^

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    Love it

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    ty love them

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    lovin' it

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    love it

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    Thank You ^^

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  33. my favorite,


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    Wah.... I know what to do with this! Terima Kasih

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    really nice nice!!!!!!

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    Is very pretty :3

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    thanks for sharing this. I´ll use it today.