Banner Brushes

{Created with ADOBE Photoshop Elements 6.0} {Zip includes image-pack (.jpg) & .abr} {Size=750×390 pix!} {DO NOT redistribute!!!} {DON'T CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN!!!} {Credit creamuts/mutsie_brushes (LJ) or mutsie (DA)} {Comment would be nice =D !!} {Most important thing of all: ENJOY!!!} Ellipsis
Banner Brushes

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  1. Missing

    Thanks so much. Love em.

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    Amazing set, and thank you very much!

  3. 0_ladan

    Thank's alot!

  4. ?height=50&width=50

    Great set, thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. Me

    Great set. Much thanxs

  6. Missing

    Thank's alot!

  7. cool!!

  8. Missing

    pretty thankyou :)

  9. ?height=50&width=50


  10. 24611272259958


  11. Missing

    Thank you so much ^_^

  12. Missing

    Thank you very much!!!

  13. Missing

    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  14. Missing

    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  15. Missing

    Thank you, they look great :)

  16. Missing

    thank you so much

  17. Missing

    Great, thank you for sharing!

  18. Missing

    thank you :]

  19. Missing

    These Are Awesome, any hope for Other Sizes, Like 500x150?

  20. Missing

    tooooooooo gud

  21. Missing

    Thank you!

  22. Picture_004fhgj

    It good.
    Thank you very much. ^-^

  23. Thank You so much

  24. Missing

    Thank You so much!!!!!!!

  25. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you!!!

  26. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you!!!

  27. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i

    nicely done!!thanks!!

  28. Smr_96_rsln

    superb +91 777 66 748

  29. Photo_on_2010-06-28_at_13.33_3_copy


  30. 13

    Thank you .....

  31. Missing

    Thank you very much !!!!!!

  32. 10092010072

    ok.. this great!

  33. Missing

    wow, this is that i always searching for..

  34. Tos_p2_olivia_coloured

    Thank you all very much for your nice comments!
    If you need more brushes you always can find me on deviantart!!!

  35. Broke1

    Nice, thanks (:

  36. Missing

    Nice! thanks.

  37. S._a7atjk.com_3_

    thx nice ..^_*

  38. Missing

    es buensimoo!

  39. Missing

    thankyou :)

  40. Missing

    thankyou :)

  41. Kwtupdbad76f0d8


  42. Missing

    I like it very Much :)

  43. 41


  44. Dscn0263

    You been reviewed

  45. Dscn0263

    Spectacular! I love these brushes!

  46. Missing

    THAnks big sweet kiss to you Mutsie

  47. Natsume


  48. Missing


  49. Missing


  50. Missing

    Thanks, great brushes

  51. 15137_1156306313599_1405972318_30364786_5607416_n

    great brush, thanks

  52. Very Nice mutsie (D A) Heads Of For You Sen your E mail Id

  53. Missing

    these are amazing ty :)

  54. Missing

    Great work... nice detail.

  55. Logo_koki_wa

    thx, it's great!

  56. Very awesome :D

  57. Hehe

    you are great..!!!

  58. 1_425556907l

    thumbz up... tha best it helpz me a lot...

  59. ?height=50&width=50

    i like it!

  60. 1220987004ey64cq

    I like it !!

  61. Aw_nutto2020s

    thank u!

  62. Coccinelle_simple


  63. Etsy_garden_avatar

    very modern and urban...lots of possibilities!

  64. Good gOod goOd gooD VERY GOOD!

  65. Img20090511_1_1

    thank you!

  66. Missing

    Awesome guys
    Thanks ^_^

  67. Ev2dvtxw70rv


  68. Missing


  69. Missing

    Great retro feel in this brushes. Great work.

  70. Galaxy-perspectiveprofile

    AWESOME!!! =D

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