Floral Brushes 1

lovely floral brushes, part 1. compatible with Photoshop CS and up. image pack included. DONATE @ http://bit.ly/gbda6r Ellipsis
Floral Brushes 1

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  1. Your sets of floral brushes are beautiful! Thanks a lot!

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  4. Missing

    thanks a lot :)

  5. Missing

    Thank for brushes,

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  7. Missing

    so cute! thanks~

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    infected salmon prices

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  10. Missing

    Thanks : **

  11. Missing

    n_n very beautiful+ !

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  15. Missing

    Awesome work m8, cheers!

  16. Etsy_garden_avatar

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to enjoying these brushes.

  17. Missing

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Avi200x200

    these are really great brushes thanks for sharing

  19. beautiful!

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  24. Missing

    looks nice, thanks

  25. Copy_of_cloud2


  26. Kami

    nice work

  27. Alucard2

    Bien Hecho!!!

  28. Onew5

    You're welcome, and thanks for the credit!

    DONATE @ http://bit.ly/gbda6r

  29. Missing

    Your work is wonderful and I would like permission to use some of your brushes from part 1 on a commercial cd cover. I would be happy to give credit to you in the acknowledgements. Thank you!

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  32. Missing

    sssspecial thanks!

  33. Gallery-3285395-500x500

    Great! Thanks!

  34. 010

    Beautiful work. Thank you.

  35. Missing

    Thank you. These are beautiful.

  36. Missing

    thanks very nice

  37. Missing

    unique swirls...nice..

  38. Onew5

    Hello! I'm sorry for this late reply. I just saw your message! Anyway, I'm glad you like my brushes, and you certainly may use them for commercial purposes. However, please provide a link back or some form of credit, and a small donation would be much appreciated as well. :)

  39. Onew5

    Yes, but please provide a link back or credit or even a small donation, would be very much appreciated. ^^

  40. Onew5

    Of course you may, but please link back to me. Thanks! ^^

  41. T192

    lovly swirls gr8 yar!

  42. Missing

    hello, I love your brushes ... give me permission for use in designing a web page??.

  43. Missing

    I love your sets!
    May I use them in commercial purpose?

  44. Missing

    Thank you. Was in need of some floral ones for a calendar for grandma. This will help :)

  45. Missing

    thank you coydreamer :)

  46. Missing

    thank you !!!!

  47. Uqcp7uaryf9e


  48. Missing

    Love your brushes! They would be perfect to create a photoshop image that I could use for a website background and a packaging background for my business. I was hoping to get your permission to use several of your brushes (from different sets) to create something like that. Would you be willing to grant it?

  49. Brusheezy

    These are beautiful and perfect for my website www.madamebridal.com. Muchas gracias!

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  51. Missing


  52. gracias!!

  53. Missing

    Awesome, just what I was looking for.... thanks

  54. Dave_01

    very usefull brushes

  55. Untitled

    I like them

  56. Missing

    very nice work ... thank you

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