Tickets and Labels

Firstly - thank you to the ever gracious Wackystuff [link] for the original images. These are mostly all large brushes, hi-res. These are available for: Non-commercial use Commercial use HOWEVER - I do not want them repackaged and sold on somewhere else. That's not fair. Also don't just plonk one down on a background and sell them on, again, that's not fair considering the work I've put into them. When I say commercial use, I mean you can add them to a piece of art, website, leaflet, poster etc. or they can be added to cards, atcs, aceos, collages, scrapbooking etc. but NOT to be sold on as an element by themselves. That aside - use as you like. Message me with links to your images if you use them - that would be great Ellipsis
Tickets and Labels

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you so much!! :)

  2. Mani%20copi

    ahan thank u :P

  3. ?height=50&width=50

    nice..... thanks

  4. Missing

    Thank you...

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you very much :)

  6. Missing

    Thank you.

  7. These are wonderful! Thank you so much!

  8. Picture_099newbie_featme2xgjg

    thx man

  9. Missing

    tnx i like it :)

  10. Photographergoofya

    Awesome! Love it! Thanks so much!

  11. Missing

    i like it....

  12. Missing

    thank you!

  13. Missing

    such a fan :D

  14. Missing

    Thanksssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Missing

    Thanks! great work :)

  16. Missing

    thanks - these are great.

  17. Aishwarya-rai-1

    thanx for those..i wil surely! but ur mail id?

  18. 5df9effe106227015c6008e0

    u r an awesome designer!!!

  19. Missing

    nice work... thank you

  20. Missing


  21. Missing

    thank you :D

  22. Gaje


    i really1000x love it!!! geniusss!! XDD

  23. Img_1949

    Thanks : }

  24. 00_03

    How kind you are to share!

  25. 300px-kotek

    sweet ; dd

  26. 25722_1120842478078_1737561217_233025_1603087_n


  27. Missing


  28. Missing

    hey it's just what i need tank you

  29. _2


  30. Missing

    these are great, love it

  31. Picture_117

    i love it too

    podo jo ..

  32. Picture_117

    apik uy .... gawe koran

  33. 5


  34. Different..

  35. 9522_141260821197_679166197_3069720_1534445_n


  36. 2.family_portrait_with_my_mom_and_dad


  37. Mactitioner

    great set, I really like the work you did.

  38. Missing

    gracias XD

  39. Missing

    very very nice

  40. Glow_1

    thank ...

  41. Missing

    Looking forward to a project in which I can use these! Great work!

  42. 0_934869058m

    love it...

  43. very good brushes, but I don't really think anybody will steal your brushes and sell them

  44. Missing

    Thanks to you~!

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