Old Signs

A collection of old vintage signs made into medium res photoshop brushes. Taken from various photographs from around my town in Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN. If you make anything cool with these please let me know. I'd love to see it! Ellipsis
Old Signs

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  3. ?height=50&width=50

    Awesome!! thanks!!

  4. Missing

    that's good!

  5. Missing


  6. Missing

    lOvE tHiS.....!

  7. ?height=50&width=50

    cool brushes. . . thanks a lot. . .

  8. Wild%20west%20mxw

    cool thanx

  9. Missing

    how can i let you know? :)

  10. Missing

    thank you

  11. Missing

    thanks :)

  12. 11111111


  13. Kanu_copia

    Thank you

  14. Missing

    thank you

  15. 28694_105284152849186_105252526185682_50597_4850240_n

    Me Facina ♥

  16. Missing

    Merci beaucoup :D

  17. ?height=50&width=50

    coollllll!! tnx! :o)

  18. Missing

    Thank You

  19. Missing


  20. Missing

    i cant extract any of these brushes how di i do?

  21. Missing

    Wow! I love vintage compositions. Some day I will create a wallpaper or a poster with that brushes!

  22. Missing

    These are nothing short of AWESOME!

  23. 41394_100000136817908_4479_n

    Love these!

  24. Missing

    keep it up

  25. Real nice. Thanks!

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  27. Cimg4425

    Thank you:)

  28. Missing

    Thank you!

  29. Untitled-1

    Thank you for uploading...)

  30. Special_edition

    thax bro

  31. Juniiior

    thank u so much, was lookin' for this

  32. 2.family_portrait_with_my_mom_and_dad


  33. Missing

    Thx u.

  34. 29751_397541224014_741654014_3994298_3245866_n

    It's nice thank you

  35. Snapshot_20100120_10

    Great - thanks. :)

  36. Missing


  37. Pic01286

    thx a lot

  38. Dsc00157

    thx ka

  39. i lovin it

  40. Ogaaaidya-_o53ilkvldeemvpyd8g4kdjdytdygb4m7pekm665bs_iwhyrxjxqyj1uorvwn2pgv3tiudiqtc-tvqyjwam1t1umdbioxuhsykycgaya-dggujtutb

    muuito bom :D

  41. Doril127

    cool !  luv it  (・Å・)b

  42. Screenhunter_12

    thx ^^

  43. Photo_on_2010-02-18_at_19.01

    Nice I new here. Great brushes. Saaweet

  44. Missing
  45. Bg


  46. ?height=50&width=50

    I really like this one. (;
    keep it up.

  47. Missing

    lol...thanks i just thought of it as a point because clutter is clutter

  48. Sex_pistols______11__01


  49. Good point! :)

  50. Missing

    lolz....clutter alone can make nothing but mess
    while clutter + few ideas + good imagination
    can make a great deal

  51. Profile

    Great retro stuff.....the clutter of our lives, can become art.

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