Postage Label Photoshop Brushes

Firstly - thank you to the ever gracious Wackystuff ( for the original images. These are mostly all large brushes, hi-res. I'm going to start creating brushes from vintage images mostly as that's what I'm into, however, if there's anything else you'd like turned into brushes give me a shout and I'll give it a go. These are available for: Non-commercial use Commercial use HOWEVER - I do not want them repackaged and sold on somewhere else. That's not fair. Also don't just plonk one down on a background and sell them on, again, that's not fair considering the work I've put into them. When I say commercial use, I mean you can add them to a piece of art, website, leaflet, poster etc. or they can be added to cards, atcs, aceos, collages, scrapbooking etc. but NOT to be sold on as an element by themselves. That aside - use as you like. Message me with links to your images if you use them - that would be great Ellipsis
Postage Label Photoshop Brushes

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Very nice, thanks you so much!

  2. Missing


  3. Alejandracarrera47

    They look like fun, can't wait to try them out.

  4. Missing

    thank you soo much for sharing these brushes

    <3 <3

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    Thanks so much! Nice work, and I love the vintage stuff myself. Where can I find more of your work?

  6. Me_2

    thanks a lot.. it's great

  7. Keanu

    ...sangat bagus;-)

  8. Missing

    thanks..i enjoyed it so much!

  9. Missing

    Thank you! Especially love the O.K. stamp. :-)

  10. Ana_zaman

    soooo coooooool nice

  11. Missing

    Totally fair!! You're awesome for sharing with everyone!!
    Tanks for all of your hard work! I wish I knew how to make this kind of stuff. Thanks again!

  12. Missing


  13. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Love, love, love! Thank you :D

  14. Missing

    Thanks for explaining your terms. No problem here. And thank you very much for the brushes - Awsome!

  15. Missing

    Thank you for brush very much : )

  16. Missing

    Thank you for this beautiful brush::has appealed to me

  17. Missing

    thank you ^^

  18. Missing

    awesome! thanks!

  19. Missing

    hi kurd! :) mashaallah!

  20. Missing


  21. Etsy_garden_avatar

    thanks for sharing!

  22. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded these - I'll be uploading more brushes to this site over the summer holidays.

  23. Hi there - can you email me on [email protected] and let me know exactly what it is you want to use them on?


  24. Missing

    this is awesome!! thanks very much appreciated!

  25. Sohee-mi

    Hello XD these are amazing.. XD may I know if I can get any permission to use them for commercial use? as supporting parts :D ehee... please let me know again and thank you so much for posting and sharing these lovely stuffs :)


  26. Ef9f2cf00dd454e038f987e1df274613

    Wow!! .... Very nice thank for the work I liked very

  27. hey i m new user of adobe shop can u tell me how can i apply these brush in creating my image

  28. Missing

    These are amazing. Much appreciated!

  29. Profile_-_copy

    Your stamp brushes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing :D

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