Decorative Brushes 087

Decorative Brushes 087

This is a set of 8 hi res decorative brushes.

See large preview for more detail

Free to use in all your personal art projects

For commercial use contact me for details

Decorative Brushes 087

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    thank you ^^

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    thanks Diana. I just can't get enough of your designs haha. Loving all of them

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    Thanks ;)

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    Maravilhosos Obrigada.

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    Thank Q ... Its really really cute

  7. Designer_campanario_neto_freelancer_2

    Hello Diana, I continue to find material for my work.
    Thank you again for sharing. .

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    10 x

  9. i love it thank you so much

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    thank you too much :XXXXX

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    thank you

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    thank you too much :)

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    thanks for sharing

  14. Screenshot_magix_video_deluxe_2011-07-23_21-30

    these have lisence ?

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    : ) Thanks a lot Diana!!!
    U Rock!!!

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