Abstractal Brushes

15 large experimental brushes. Size : +- 1500px Made with photoshop elements 10 Enjoy and please comment HelenXxx Ellipsis
Abstractal Brushes

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  1. هذا لرائع جدًّا! شكراً......

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    I do not know what I would have been able to do in this part of the world if I had not been led to you. Thanks for creating and making available, wonderful brushes. May God bless you.

  3. Missing


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    Thx for your beautifull brushes

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    LOVe all your custom brushes! I am a student and i am having a wonderful time playing with all the different ways to use them, especially in text. thank you!

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    Hi Helenartathome

    Ok, let me me tell you what I am doing, because maybe I'm not doing it right.

    I download the Abr-files
    I than open my c drive to open Program file, I than open the file Adobe
    I open Elements 10... this where I get lost. I usually open the plugins and drag the file into there. Than restart Elements, but that doesn't work.

    So I followed what you said, download the Abr-file, dragged it to Elements.... I went into Presets - Brushes loaded there. Restarted Elements.That didn't work either.

    What do you mean by Support Files?

    - Optional Plugins

  7. Id

    Nearly Every abr-file should work in Elements 10. It is what I use (don't have the money for Photoshop)
    on a Mac : download the abr-file...... drag to Elements 10.... Support Files....Presets...... and drop in the Brushes-file now restart Elements 10
    on Pc: probably the same but copy/paste it
    I don't have coral paintshop.
    Let me know if it worked Xxx

  8. ?height=50&width=50

    And I mean by download... download them to Elements10 or to my Coral paintshop pro x4

  9. ?height=50&width=50

    I have a question....

    I have been looking for brushes to download to my elements10 and or Coral...

    And I can't find any... and when I do(like these... I don't know how to download them right... Someone can you please help me!

  10. Id

    Yessssss :)

  11. Missing

    can we use for commercial applications?

  12. Kurius_boy_hangin

    Thanks for the brushes. I'll try them soon

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