Smokem Brushes

Smokem Brushes

Hi there,
This was my first attempt at making smoke Brushes.
Sizes vary 1350px / 1800px
These are absolutely FREE but please comment,

Smokem Brushes

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  1. thank you :))

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    Thank You Helen, hope to use soon

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    these are really Kool ! Thank you for sharing your effort with us.

  4. thanks machii

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    thanks for sharing

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    very fun!

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    Hi Helen, Just like to say a big THANK you for the awesome smoke Brushes.

  8. not bad they are cool

  9. thanks

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    Dope Sets ............ <3

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    thanks you so much :)

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    Thank you so much!

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    Awesome thank you! (:

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    Thanks. Yair

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    Thanks for it

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    Thanks U =D

  20. As
  21. Missing

    Thank You very much for the opportunity to try smoke in creative images without photographing it.

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    how do I download them?

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    thank you so much amazing brush set!!!

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    very useful.... thanks

  25. very good

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    thanks :D

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    good i love this site because it has everything for photoshop it is so good too many brushes now i can make new photos for me my friends and either for my parents or my sister thanks a lot ;)

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  32. Useful Thanks for sharing..

  33. ?height=50&width=50

    Perfect! These are wonderful!

  34. Missing

    Love it!


    this was a great find as you can see I use them.. thanks

  36. Japan

    I am no smoking ,,, hhahaha ,,, peace

  37. Missing

    thanks! looks like a ton of fun to use. :)

  38. Wonderful, more fun to be had with these xxx

  39. Missing

    Nice !!

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  41. Missing

    love it!!!!

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    Fantastic work!

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    Thank so much :D

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    Very Nice Brushes!I really need it. Thanks!

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    Yes! Thank you! :)

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    Thank you

  48. Fullscreen%20capture%2012202011%2070743%20pm.bmp

    Used this brush set here:
    Thank you :D

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    thnks alot

  50. Missing

    Thank you so much for this fantastic pack

  51. Kurius_boy_hangin

    Thanks for the brushes. I'll be trying them very soon

  52. Id

    my pleasure! I smoked a lot to get these done haha

  53. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you very much for your generosity!