Very Large 'Retro' Brushes

Very Large 'Retro' Brushes

There's only three (3) brushes in this set, but their extremely large (at least 1200 pixels in diameter!) These were made in Photoshop CS2, so they won't work with Photoshop 7, sorry.

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Very Large 'Retro' Brushes

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    Thank you.

  4. Thank you.

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    very nice! Thanks !

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    Thanks for the brushes

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    Mother Fuck ^^

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    Thank you

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    wonderful! Thanks! :)

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    formidable^^ great ones i like it sooooo much

  12. thank you for your tools photoshop

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    I like brusheezy

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    Daamn Cool brushes

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    awesome, thanks

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    ....Thanks for sharing.

  18. Extremely cool! Thanks so much for sharing.

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    nice!! thanks!!!

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    thank you!!!

  21. Avatar112x112

    Just what i needed for some urban designs. Thanks!

  22. Devil_girl_by_kamiyoshi1

    Fabulouss!!! *v*

  23. Keanu

    ...keren abis pokoknya dach;-)
    Looking forward new others brushes!

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    thanks dude

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    Maybe retro... May not... thank you very much for sharing dude!

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    thanks very nice

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    thanks, it's great!

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    that was very useful ,thanx

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    Thank you for sharing.:D

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    Thank you :D

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    thank....very good

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    Fantastic ! Thank you so much.

  34. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Thank you!!!

  35. 10092010072

    very nice!

  36. Darklight

    marvelous... thanks

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    Thank you...

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    thank you!

  39. Mw2_base

    Awesome 10/10 :)

  40. Tiger_avatar

    nice! thanks for share

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    wooooooow! fucking crazy !!!!!!!

  42. Musicpirate

    nice work

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    I could use this for the pic i'm editing Yeah!Thank chu;D

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    thank u

  47. Al-raiwi

    thank you

  48. 001

    thank you ^ ^ // //

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    nice to meet u..

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    nice to meet u..

  51. 517540668

    nice brush

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  53. love this!:)

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