These brushes is a collection of schematics of random electronics but mostly of robotic controllers. Some wire-frame diagrams and schematic text. Ellipsis

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  1. Missing

    Thanks a lot

  2. Missing

    cool! been lookin for somethin like this, having to make some from scratch can be time consuming. Thanks

  3. I love them thank you very much. Hugs Julz

  4. Missing


  5. Missing

    thanks a ton exactly what i needed

  6. Missing

    epic. Nice brush. Thanks.

  7. Tatu%20predator

    looks like an industrial desing...

  8. Missing

    Like That >

  9. Missing

    I liked them. Thanks for sharing! =)

  10. Shift1

    cool !

  11. Mhp3rd_dl_w01i


  12. Very cool, thanks!

  13. Missing

    <3 you

  14. Missing

    Awesome stuff m8, cheers!

  15. Missing

    Finally a brush I can use for my design. Thank you!

  16. Me-and-maul..

    this will go great with my photoshop

  17. Missing

    nice work..don't know what i am gonna do with them yet but I will be creative.keep it movin tx. from new york city.

  18. Missing

    thank you
    i'm lovin it.

  19. Missing

    FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Great Work

  20. Missing

    Schemtastic dude, thank you very much!

  21. Dark-side-cookies

    these are awesome! thanks for sharing :)

  22. Missing

    Thank you

  23. Missing


  24. Missing

    Thank you for your great job :)

  25. Ana_zaman

    ooooh maizy ..... thx

  26. 155341_1577886101540_1667256840_31322568_3159250_n


  27. 13972995

    they are so cool! *o*

  28. Missing


  29. Di


  30. thank U.. that so nice

  31. Etsy_garden_avatar

    looking forward to trying these out, thanks!

  32. Irofled_icon3

    i love my skematiks :)!

  33. Missing


  34. _


  35. Missing

    Funny O_o

  36. Missing

    thank you

  37. 37507_116650261717221_100001167445069_100676_161116_s

    Thank U :)

  38. Pc2

    Thank U :)

  39. Missing

    Thank U :)

  40. 38636596


  41. Nice

  42. Missing


  43. Missing

    Great STUFF!!!!!!!!!

  44. Missing

    These are great. I'm working on a set of hand drawn ones, circuitry mostly, but this is awesome.

  45. Baremilk

    wow nice

  46. 2vvjjv8.jpg

    nice one!

  47. Missing

    gracias!! esta muy bueno!!! uuuuuuuuhhh

  48. Screenhunter_12


  49. Etsy_garden_avatar

    these are the coolist brushes! thanks!

  50. Agatha

    este esta chivo!

  51. 300kb

    cool ! Thanks ;)

  52. schematics <3

  53. Avatar

    Very Usefull thanks!!

  54. Little_frog_avarta1


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