Sea Creatures vol.1

Sea Creatures vol.1

10 brushes derived from Conrad Gessner's 16th century work "Historiae Animalium." The depictions have a wonderful etched/hand-drawn quality to them. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy them!

Sea Creatures vol.1

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    These are awesome brushes! I used them for a couple t-shirt designs for my clothing line. You can check them out at

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    These are awesome! thank you.

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    These AND Vol 2 are great! Thanks so much.

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    wow :D

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  6. Thank you. Great Brush

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    Love them, thanks!

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    may i use it in commercial work?

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    Love these! Thank you so much for sharing

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    the best brushes

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    thank you very nice brushes

  12. Dsc_0142

    Thank you. You´ve got the best in animals.

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    The Great Brush

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    These are cool! Thank you!

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    Me gustav

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    Excellent, thanks...I have both sets and love them. Good work!

  17. Superface

    these are purrrfect~

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    i love your designs!..

  19. Thank you!!!!

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    Thank you so much!!

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    Thanks a lot for sharing!!!

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    Very good creatures thank you

  27. Holly_art_3_

    Love the sea creatures collections! Many thanks!

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    thank U :)

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    Really great brushes! Thank you very much for that great pieces!

    Just to be sure: It is allowed to use your brushes also for commercial projects wihtout any restrictions? And you are the Copyright-owner?

    Thx, Cheers!

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  31. Tanks mate

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    the brushes ´perfect!

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    Awesome job! Thanks

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    bikin w males berimajinasi... tapi bikin gamabar lebih cepet juga coy... thanx busheezy ............... INDONESIA CINTA ART

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    thank you
    i am from iran

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    De luxe,,,,,

  40. excellent veeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice!!!!!!!!! tnk you

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    cool pis

  42. Abstact_render

    is this work for cs3?

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    thanx a lot!

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    these are wonderful

  50. very nice Thank you!

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    It's great ! Thank You ;)