Anigraphuse Curves I Abstract Brushes

The first set of Anigraphuse-Curves containing 5 curved abstract brushes can be used as for Logos or ornaments brushes. Wanna learn how to make your own brushes and much more? Visit the link below: Ellipsis
Anigraphuse Curves I Abstract Brushes

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  1. Vampire_rol_copia

    Beauty!! thanks a lot

  2. ?height=50&width=50


  3. Logo-1


  4. Missing

    thank you

  5. Missing

    great brushes thank you

  6. Missing


  7. Missing

    muy llamativos y estilizados gracias

  8. Missing


  9. Dsc_6977_2


  10. Missing


  11. Missing

    thank you

  12. Street_king_studio_icon

    thank you very cool bushs

  13. Missing

    Thank You!

  14. Sing02

    thank you

  15. Missing

    very good i love the all brushs

  16. Private_1_723ef5fe37c2d6ce34b843bcc42d09a26172bc5da99442920329f9be974cd0e6l

    thnx :)

  17. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    This is why Brusheezy is here. We make it for you to be a little help toward the art world.
    But sometimes making them by yourself gives you some joy, specially if you share them with others.

  18. Missing

    bikin w males berimajinasi... tapi bikin gamabar lebih cepet juga coy... thanx busheezy ............... INDONESIA CINTA ART


    very nice thanx so mush :)

  20. A_face_for_a_book

    Very Stylish and classy! Many thanx!

  21. Kulraj_randh

    itzz cool..thxx ya!!

  22. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Unzip it on a drive on your hard disk > Go to photoshop > Right click on an active window while you have selected one of the brush tools > Click on the small arrow on the right top corner of the opened menu > Load Brushes ... > Select the brushes and its there

    Or the permanent method :
    Unzip the brushes on your hard disk > Copy them to the following directory > " Root drive ( C: probably) > Program files > Adobe > Photoshop > Presets > Brushes" > Open or Reload Photoshop > Right click > Top arrow click > its there in the list.

  23. after downloading,,,how i could use it???

  24. Missing

    Very nice

  25. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome. Glad that you liked them.

  26. Photo-1384

    Very nice brushes, thank you for sharing!

  27. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Glad that you like them. Thanks.

  28. Missing

    omg i meant 'these' not 'this' :) lol xD

  29. Missing

    this are really really nice :) i love them

  30. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51


  31. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're very welcome. Glad that you liked them.

  32. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're very welcome and thanks for your comment.

  33. Mike_photo

    thank you for sharing these great brushes!!!

  34. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    After having all your brushes ready, simply right click on your active window and press the small arrow on the right corner of the opened window and click on "Save brushes"

  35. _d8_b7_d8_a7_d9_84_d8_a8_20_d8_a7_d9_84_d8_b9_d9_84_d9_85_20_d9_88_d8_a7_d9_84_d8_a5_d9_86_d8_aa_d8_b1_d9_86_d8_aa


  36. Demilogo2

    How can I save brushes I have made to upload them?

  37. One-wheeled-motorcycle-3

    il's amazing design..

  38. Pipit

    it's cool brushes

  39. Missing

    nice brushes

  40. Missing

    muchas gracias

  41. thank you for sharing these great brushes!!!

  42. 18736_1316013147556_1447555805_30892016_3699645_n

    i'll try to make it, for great...

  43. 18736_1316013147556_1447555805_30892016_3699645_n

    i'll try to make it, for great...

  44. Missing

    thank you so mutch

  45. Missing

    ok i am VERY new to all of this.... i started with taking pics and then making images from a cool site, and it lead me to photoshop and then here.... i have NO clue about the brushes & designing or other stuff...... ive downloaded 2 files, i just want to learn how to create my OWN but have NO clue how to go about doing it..... can SOMEONE help me??????? my name is deb and my email is [email protected]... ( i just need it broke down into EASY instructions) i love creating pic designs but i havent created MY OWN designs.... HELP PLEASE LOL

  46. Hheheheh5

    wahh keren .. good !!

  47. Dsc00207


  48. Logo

    cool brush!!!


  49. Bg

    Sure it's good man . . . . . .

  50. Missing

    amazing designs, where do you make them????

  51. Fyneboy

    its cool and nice

  52. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    I haven't uploaded a CS4-5 version of these and actually haven't tried those versions yet.
    But here's what you can do.
    Save each brush as an open layer in PSD. Then open them in those versions and Define them as brush.

    But not allowed to upload theme, just to use them.

  53. love it

  54. where could i find those brushes which
    compatible with cs4 and cs5?

  55. where could i find those brushes which
    compatible with cs4 and cs5?

  56. ?height=50&width=50


  57. Teh_tarik

    very nice designs...thanks

  58. very goog

  59. Imagescab6rble


  60. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51
  61. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51


  62. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51
  63. Doctor_in_suit


  64. Ama

    very googd

  65. 1beach2


  66. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51
  67. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome.

  68. Img2633a


  69. Missing


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