Anigraphuse Flowers 2

Another set of flowers, created by Anigraphuse! Hope you enjoy them Wanna learn how to make your own brushes and much more? Visit the link below: Ellipsis
Anigraphuse Flowers 2

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  1. Cheryllogo

    Hi Anigraphuse your flowers are pretty I would love to learn to make flowers in brush form, a couple that I have done aren't < < very good lol. I make greeting card designs, I was wondering if I could use some of your brush designs in my card designs or in other designs. I am a new graphic artist and I to love to learn new things to booster my designs. Thank you for reading this rambling comment :D hope to see more of your brush designs.

  2. Missing

    ty ;)

  3. Missing

    Thanks Alot...........

  4. Missing

    Really nice. Thanks!

  5. Missing

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  6. Missing

    this is amazing!! two thumbs up!!

  7. magnific very good!

  8. Me

    makasi ya..............

  9. Me

    makasi ya..............

  10. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're absolutely welcome. I'm really glad to see that you guys like them. :)

  11. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Glad to hear it. And hanks for your comment.

  12. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51
  13. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome.
    Glad that you love them. :)

  14. Copy_of_color

    thank u...
    i loving it

  15. Missing

    WoW !

  16. Missing

    Wow!! Super... muy buena, gracias!! Very good, thanks!!

  17. Anshullogo

    loved it.....

  18. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Absolutely welcome.

  19. 2naoec3

    thanks a lot ^^

  20. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Go to Layer menu > Layer Style > Outer Glow. You can define the amount of glowing .

    Or you can do some tricks.
    - Create a Background with any colors you like. The darker, the better but not black or way too dark.
    - Creat a new layer (CTRL+N) and add the brushes you like with a very bright color.
    - Duplicate the layer and set the layer opacity option on 'Overlay'
    - Go to Filter menu > Blur > Motion Blur.
    - Define what angle you want the blurring go and the distance. The less the distance , the more glow power you'll have but in other hand, less radius it covers. And the reverse, meaning the more distance you give it, more radius it covers, yet weak glowing effect. So if you want both radius and glowing, you need to duplicate the blurred layer and apply blur to it again (ctrl+F) and so on till you're satisfied with the result.

  21. 2naoec3

    i cannot make it shine like yours. can you show me how to use it?

  22. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Very welcome. ^^

  23. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Thanks. And welcome.

  24. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome. Glad to hear it.

  25. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Thats nice to hear that you love it. You're welcome.

  26. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome.

  27. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome

  28. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Thanks and you're welcome.

  29. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    You're welcome. :)

  30. Photo_2017-01-31_22-41-51

    Glad to hear that.

  31. 29693_1379051769303_1622172706_922228_7281707_n

    its great ..... thank you so much

  32. Icon1

    wooow awesome ! i love it thank you

  33. Me2

    thnx i love it

  34. Missing

    it's pretty,thanks :-X

  35. 2naoec3

    great job. thx ;;)

  36. 499b75ecbe8921b9cf1de5370d5214dc


  37. Missing

    These are exceptional, thank you.

  38. Missing

    thanks they are beautiful :)

  39. Violetsmall

    <3 Love These

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