FREE Christmas Calendar

This is not exactly a downloadable file but since the whole christmas calendar is even better than just a free set of brushes or textures I´d love to share it here aswell. The brushy advent calendar is filled with daily gifts such as brushes, texties, limited edition design items, christmas goodies and rare free giftcards. Since 6 years by now. Every december. For everyone who comes around. Just a thank you for all the love and support I always get for what I am doing. Visit to get yourself a daily gift before christmas. Everyting is for free and all for fun. Come around and bring some friends. Made with love - enjoy and merry christmas! ~ janita Ellipsis
FREE Christmas Calendar

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  1. ?height=50&width=50

    Beautiful, thanks a lot for sharing

  2. Missing

    Thanks so cute

  3. Missing

    Thank you so much

  4. That's very generous of you. Your brushes are wonderful. Have a lovely Christmas :)

  5. Img_1215

    Heyhey, sorry for the confusion. The calendar can be viewed St - a new door every day! This is just Kind of a promotion for it so everyone can get the freebees :)

  6. Kessey_closeup

    Janita, I might be doing something wrong but there is no calendar in it. Not even the 'goodies'. You have a special going on that you talked about inside the "ReadMe" file that is one day only, but because it's not in there, I can't get it. I see your logo in there and an MACOSX folder and in that folder is a jpeg that is blank when opened and the "ReadMe" file in that folder are 'code-like' letters. Any suggestions?-Cheryl

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