Tattoo Brushes

This brush occupies the great feedback of tattoos using this brush you can finally have a true to life tattoo on your pics. No redraw please..Enjoy making your own style on this set..God Bless Ellipsis
Tattoo Brushes

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  1. Nice, Thanks!

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    best we all have, it good i feel it

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  6. Getty_s_112212_kaepernick


  7. 2407051-md_01mj_001

    mersi! thanks

  8. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    your welcome

  9. Ali

    can i get skulls please

  10. Avatar


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  13. ?height=50&width=50

    nice to use

  14. 11968


  15. Image0310

    Great one

  16. Missing
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    wooooow thnx that's what i need ♥

  18. Paakal%20negro%20copy


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    very nice....

  20. Dddddd


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    muy buenos pinceles

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  23. Missing

    tnx...very nice

  24. ?height=50&width=50

    cool brush :)

  25. ?height=50&width=50

    geniales :D

  26. Missing


  27. ?height=50&width=50

    very nice..thanks

  28. Antu


  29. Missing

    Nice man, ty for sharing

  30. Bb_sparkb

    very nice...thanks for sharing..s..

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    i like this brushes
    AWESOME !!!

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    COOOL, Thanks

  33. Wild%20west%20mxw


  34. ?height=50&width=50

    this is cool...thanks

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  36. Missing

    Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  37. ?height=50&width=50

    Thanks, this is great

  38. Missing

    Thanks bro!!

  39. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    your welcome yoh all :D

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  41. 1310011159533_f

    sss demasiado buennaas excelentee

  42. 1310011159533_f

    sss demasiado buennaas excelentee

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  44. Missing

    dis is dope, dude....thumbs up....!!!

  45. Moi

    Great, Thanks

  46. Cover_album

    Thanks, i like it"

  47. ?height=50&width=50

    this brush is great, carry on bro

  48. ?height=50&width=50

    this is da bomb

  49. ?height=50&width=50

    Thanks you bro! u r amazing! :D

  50. Missing

    fantastic thankyou

  51. Missing

    Amazing--thank you!

  52. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    tenk u :D

  53. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    thank you guys your comments are my inspirations...ahehe

  54. Uchiha_madara_by_kunalprabhu

    Its so coooool! :P

  55. Missing


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  57. 205208_1980279427707_1264822437_2469929_4279566_n

    super cool!! thanks for share! ;)

  58. Zombie4

    oh sorry, just thought you knew since you made this :) btw, this set of brushes is amazing!

  59. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    ur welcome man.... :D

  60. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    is that thanks you....?
    your welcome...."DD

  61. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    thank you brothers... :DD

  62. Vj2

    classy brushes... thankz for sharing... +100 smiles

  63. Me2

    So Cool...Thanks

  64. Missing

    bene :D

  65. Missing

    thank you
    i'm lovin it.

  66. Missing

    Mesi anpil ah ha !

  67. Missing

    thanksz :3
    █║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ │║║█║
    τσdσs lσs Dεяεcнσs яεsεяvαdσs.
    cσρчяgнτ ©2009|☠•°•.★Mr.Lobito2012★.•°•☠

  68. Missing

    hey man gracias estan super

  69. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    thanks mam...!! God BLess

  70. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    I don't know ms. because I'm not a Chinese .

  71. Zombie4

    the tattoo of a tiger and a dragon, with the tribal pattern behind it, where there are 3 Chinese signs. Do you know what they mean?

  72. How-to-draw-hair-final21

    Nice brushes thanks !

  73. Missing

    thanks brother

  74. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments..

  75. Missing

    cool tatoos..thnx

  76. Missing

    thanks so much

  77. 13972995

    thaanks! =D

  78. Zombie4

    niiice !

  79. Missing

    thanks nice tattoos

  80. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    ur all welcome...^^,

  81. thanks!!!

  82. 74326_imgcache


  83. Missing

    thank you's a wonderful brush pack!

  84. Zzz

    thank u .i love it

  85. 706049_4428546923306_391314142_o

    dont forget to rate my friends ..thank you...

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