Bushido Samurai Brushes by rock91

Bushido Samurai Brushes by rock91

This is a 10 pack higly detailed samurai brush set. It includes archer samurais, cavalry, sword etc.
Different sizes for different works. Enjoy

Copyright: rock91

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Bushido Samurai Ninja Brushes

Bushido Samurai Brushes by rock91

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    O.m.g! U guys r so awsome

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    This is what I looking for! Thanks!

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    MANTAPP !!

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    oh~so good~!

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    thanck you very much i want to make it to my web
    Very Nice. Thanks a Million.

  7. Avatar

    Thankyou great set been looking for a samurai set to use work with

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    thank you very much <3

  9. C_angel_oscuro

    thank you!!!!!

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    You r my hero

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    Woooow :)

  12. Dark_arlequin

    cool . . .

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    Very Nice. Thanks a Million.

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    thank you

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    uwapik cok

  17. Roger-001

    Esta interesante, veré con que otros los puedo juntar.

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    da i su ki

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    muy bueno.....

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  22. Pujaanhati720251

    i wiil try this....^^,)

  23. Sayd_s_laboratory_copy

    Nice Dude

  24. Untitled-1

    nice pis my freind

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    Do these work for cs5?

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    merci bcp

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    thank you!

  28. Kehrle_ceu_colorido

    D +

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  31. great..thx

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  33. XD esta vacano

  34. 2para3

    Very nice thank you

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    wew thank

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    this is sick

  38. Good

  39. Halo-light-for-light-graffiti_1

    I freakin love Samurai's. Awesome brush set!

  40. Avatar_copy

    thank u all ^^

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    great brush set!

  42. Kakashi_by_goku_yoh_luffy

    so nice it realy a good burshe