Hot Mess - Coffee Brushes

I was drinking some coffee one Saturday morning & I thought….these would make some fun coffee brushes! So thats what I did. I splashed around in some coffee at work, and my brother stared me…but didn’t ask any questions like “Hey, weirdo. What are you doing?” Everyone around me is used to the constant stream of weird. It’s beautiful. Each coffee brush is between 2200 – 1500 pixels…at least. These coffee brushes are free for personal & commercial use as always Just don’t be a jerk & sell these as your own. OK?! Enjoy! xoxo brushchick **Side note: A few people here have said that since I switched to CS6, the brushes I’ve uploaded are not compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop. I have CS4-6 on my computer & tested in both. My results show that they all load & function properly. Please let me know if these do not work for you and which version of PS you are running. Thank you, and enjoy! xoxox Ellipsis
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