art class watercolor lines

art class watercolor lines

This set was created when I discovered my old watercolor kit from college under my's a little messy- don't judge! :) I busted it out, & decided to make some free brushes for you all! I'm so nice, I know! This set features lines, squiggles, dots, etc that reminded me of a class I took where we learned different watercolor techniques. Watercolor brushes, designs & illustrations are really popular right now, so here I give you some trendy brushes for use in your personal & commercial work as you please!

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art class watercolor lines

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    Thank You!

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    So cool

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    Nice !! Thank you :)

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    Nice !!! Thanks alot! :)

  6. You are indeed the Nicest of the Nice! Thank you so much for sharing your work, looking forward to trying your lovely brushes! : )

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    These are really nice! Thank you!

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    I appreciate the share. I is a nice doddle-y set. TY!