10 Seamless Splatter Patterns

10 Seamless Colored Splatter Texture Patterns in the ZIP file for PhotoShop CS+. Ellipsis
10 Seamless Splatter Patterns

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  1. Hairstyles-for-men-with-wavy-hair

    Thank a lot

  2. Missing

    Thanks, so lovely

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  4. Superb work-- many thanks for your kindness and generosity! : )

  5. ?height=50&width=50

    can you please tell me what format this is in. I'm having problems opening it in CS5 I don't see .pat as an ext that can be opened in CS5. Thanks

  6. Missing


  7. ?height=50&width=50
  8. Missing

    But why is the format of the file pat? Shouldn't it be abr? Please help guys, how do I download it?

  9. ?height=50&width=50

    what a nice pattern.

  10. Img_9240

    love it soooooooooooooooooo much!!
    thank you!!

  11. Missing

    thank you!

  12. Missing


  13. Kjoiusai

    tnx :)

  14. awesome....

  15. sweet! thanks

  16. Angel_from_hell2

    thanks a lot!!!

  17. Missing

    thank you

  18. Missing


  19. Ava

    Your photoshop pattern has just been featured on our site digital ink magazine. If you want to view the article with your pattern click the link at the end. great work and keep it up

  20. ?height=50&width=50

    Thank you.

  21. Missing

    Thnak you, these patterns are very nice! :-)

  22. Thank you for taking the time and using your talents to create and share these. This one is wonderful!!

  23. _

    Thank you! :D

  24. Missing


  25. Missing

    thank you

  26. Missing

    niu b

  27. Prison

    Wow .. Nice :)

  28. Missing


  29. Missing

    Thank you!

  30. _10_

    wow! i love this. thank you very much :D

  31. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Thank you!

  32. _d8_b5_d9_88_d8_b1-_d9_84_d8_aa_d8_b5_d8_a7_d9_85_d9_8a_d9_85

    thank x so much

  33. Missing

    Wonderful! Thank you VERY much.

  34. Missing

    Good. Thanks. !

  35. Missing
  36. Edonis

    Grate, very nice

  37. 12589373351


  38. thanks

  39. These are great! Thank :)

  40. Missing

    Thanks! Great splats!

  41. Jon2s

    Thanks for the cool patterns it really help me on my newsletter designs. Thanks also for sharing you cool arts. :)

  42. C1

    these are so cool.. :)

  43. Thank you Shawn & np :)

  44. I love these! Thanks for sharing :)

  45. Missing

    Very nice

  46. Missing

    Thank you so much.

  47. good

  48. Best...

  49. 2


  50. i just found heaven :)

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