concrete grunge

concrete grunge

a texture from a worn concrete wall.
great for grungy scenes.

concrete grunge

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  1. Bm049

    look hard core hahah like it. thank you :)

  2. Admin_shell


  3. Eagle

    an easier way is to just import the image using birdge.
    and then you can edit it however you want. :)

  4. Missing

    Can someone please tell me how I install these textures into CS5? I go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer, then I click on load textures, but when I go to click on this texture it is grayed out. What am I doing wrong?

  5. 44919_131421080242933_100001251255169_184333_4564275_n

    Thanks ^.^

  6. Eagle

    great! looks effective. i am sensing a banksy style??

  7. Missing

    Thanks for this! it was perfect, I appreciate your time and effort!

    (this is how i used it:[email protected]/4971904422/)

  8. 0

    A real stone !
    Tnx :)