Tissape Tape

For photoshop 7+ My exclusive collection of masking tape brushes, They look good as any tape really. Linkware, Non Commercial Use, Enjoyable. Ellipsis
Tissape Tape

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  1. Missing

    nice! Thank you!

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  3. The tape looks very realistic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Missing

    so very much thanks!!!

  5. Missing

    oh~~ thank you!!

  6. ?height=50&width=50

    This is what I looked for. Thanks alot

  7. Missing

    These are great! Thx :)

  8. Missing

    Thank you :)

  9. ?height=50&width=50

    thanks, great!

  10. Pic042

    thanks a bunch.. ^^

  11. Missing

    thank you bro...

  12. Missing

    Thank you so much ;D

  13. Mykpop

    really help!!

  14. Z774vn2ijhlfdjsujpddvsybqgc_1_

    Thanks 4 shared

  15. Missing

    Thank you so much!!!

  16. Missing

    Thank you these are great

  17. Missing

    thanx!! i like it:)

  18. Missing

    thank you!!

  19. Missing

    thanks :)

  20. Untitled4

    I love it!!

  21. Missing

    that is soooo coool. totally FANTASTIC.

  22. Th_lu8m18rh

    yesh! thank you!

  23. Missing

    love it too

  24. love it. merci!

  25. 18736_1316013147556_1447555805_30892016_3699645_n


  26. Missing


  27. Mel_peninsulahotel_

    thanks!! ^_^

  28. Missing

    what a nice brush, thanx for doing brushes like this one
    thanx a million

  29. 6823193_4123308082


  30. Missing

    what link should i put on my page if i use this? a personal site or just this site

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