Musical Notes Brushes!

This is my first ever attempt at creating a brush set so be nice please. I was searching for a musical not set and found none that really took my fancy so i started creating my own. Use it for whatever you like as this is still a work in progress. Any input would be nice also. Thank you! -11/01/11 --I've now added more to this package: sizes 1500px and 500px. [-11/01/11 --Sorry, a quick update [haha], I also just added "Inverse" notes.] ANOTHER SORRY... Version 3 is having problems uploading at the moment, I will try again soon. Sorry for the inconvenience... [-02/05/2011 FINALLY managed to upload version 3. I can't remember exactly what I changed but here it is. Version 3. Probably the last version! Thank you for all my downloads, guys! PS. Iv'e had to delete the old file, so this is a new upload, something went wrong with the last one... ] Thank you people for downloading =] Ellipsis
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