Decorative Brushes 12

fancy swirly brushes, part 12. - - - BRUSHES ARE LARGER than the ones shown in the preview - - - compatible with Photoshop CS and up. image pack included. DONATE @ Ellipsis
Decorative Brushes 12

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  1. 008

    thank you so very much for sharing

  2. Really llike it, thank you!!!!!!

  3. very beautiful

  4. Missing

    thank you ^^

  5. C%c3%82mara_fotografica

    bonito, bom para imagem fenimina...paulo tieh

  6. Missing

    Thank you very much! ^^

  7. Missing

    you are the number one

  8. Missing

    Hello i just want to know if i can use your brushes for a commercial project? I'm sorry for my english....thank you very much

  9. Missing

    Thank you so much ^_^

  10. Missing

    n_n very beautiful+ !

  11. 186128_100001977117140_1063615_n

    nice i liked your brushes

  12. 98

    thank you for the brushes. :]
    btw, do you like Shinee? kekke.

  13. ?height=50&width=50

    so cute And thank you so much for share!!

  14. Missing

    ¡Gracias esta lido!

  15. Missing


  16. Missing


  17. Missing

    thank you!=)

  18. ?height=50&width=50


  19. Missing

    thank you xD

  20. 010

    Adorable work. Thanks :)))

  21. Missing

    These are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. thanks so much for share... :)

  23. Bwf1

    Thank you for share, its very nice

  24. Missing

    very nice... thanks for share..

  25. very nice... thanks for share..

  26. PNG transparent would be PERFECT!!

  27. Onew5

    Should I send them to you as images? PNG? transparent or white background?

  28. Sunday/Monday would be great!! How long do you think?

  29. Onew5

    Alright, I'll see what I can do! When do you need this by?

  30. If you can increase the brush sizes as large as you can and have them on a 300 DPI that would be AWESOME and help me out so much!!! I will certainly pay!!!! If it makes it easier for you, I only need Decorative11-03.png and Decorative11-05.png

  31. Onew5

    Alright, I think I can, but do you just want me to convert the file to 300 dpi? Without increasing the brush size?

  32. I would just need them in a larger file size on the png files. As the download here they are 72. I would need them as 300. Is this possible? I would certainly pay for the larger size. Thank you for any help.

  33. Onew5

    Thanks! I'm not familiar with printing these on banners, I can't help you... very sorry!

  34. LOVE the bushes!! I would like to use some of these brushes on a banner for a bridal show. Is there a way to purchase 300 DPI on the resolution. If so how much?

  35. Missing

    Beautiful brushes Thanks!!

  36. 12

    Nice brushes... thanks

  37. Missing

    so excited about these new brushes, thanks!

  38. 0000pdh5
  39. Missing

    very nice+*Thank you:)

  40. Corsa


  41. 201120100851


  42. Missing


  43. C

    nice! thanks

  44. 13

    Thanks .. it is BEAUTIFUL

  45. Missing

    So pretty! Thank you.

  46. Missing


  47. Missing

    BEAUTIFUL! Thank You!

  48. Pywi5

    sehr schöne Brushes, danke!

  49. Missing

    nice brushes!

  50. Onew5

    The brushes in this set are much larger than shown in the preview! I made them smaller to fit. :)

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