Smoke and Fire -Rehbelle

These brushes are actually made in Photoshop, so they are not sampled from photos of smoke or fire. Don't be too disappointed. Ellipsis
Smoke and Fire -Rehbelle

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    Thanks :D

  4. Avatar12

    Can you show me that tutorial please?

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    I would love to learn how to make these from scratch, Thanks.

  6. Missing

    Thanks so much- this is exactly what I was looking for :)

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    I've made a tutorial on how to create these from scratch! If anyone's interested, give me a beep!:)

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    Matchgirl4u - that's great! Congratulations on your wedding:D

  9. I love this brush. I have been adding smoke to tons of pictures. I am creating a photo wall for my wedding.

  10. Thanks really enjoy it

  11. Bf3soldier_dogtag


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    You are most welcome people

  14. Assassin-s-creed-iii-the-assassins-32559210-960-768_kopia

    Very nice! Tnx :)

  15. Missing

    thnx dude its awesome

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    Thank you!!

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    Awesome :D

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    nice my best site

  22. Dan

    very pretty, thank`s a lot


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    You're welcome!

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    Thank you!

  26. ?height=50&width=50

    Too Cool by M-c L00l Rehbelle

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    Thanks Jenny! :D Glad you liked them!

  28. Welsh%20dragon%20for%20disqus

    Great Brushes, thanks for sharing.

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