25 Hi Res Smoke Brushes

25 Hi Res Smoke Brushes

25 Hi Res Smoke Brushes

Included file format:

.abr (CS6 Photoshop Smoke Brush File)
.abr (Photoshop Brush File)
.png (25 Source Files, 3000×3000 Pixel, 300dpi)

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25 Hi Res Smoke Brushes

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    Don't be fooled! This is only one brush! Change the description and make it more clear to the audience!

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    change de description of this, there is only ONE brush, the rest is not free. Liar.

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  5. this is very nice man thanks.

  6. Missing

    I am only able to download 1 brush. why? need help want these brushes!!

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    very nice ..Thanks man

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    very amazing .

  9. Dont_look_back

    Thanks! man

  10. Samus_aran_hd

    Thanks Really impresive! i was looking for something like this!! n.n

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    thanks man

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    This is awesome..............i'm impressed

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    amazing, i was looking for it *3*

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    Very nice job. Thanks!

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    Thanks aloooot !!

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    SMOKY. . . *-* ^_^

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    Smoke × Smoke

    thax ^_^

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    coooolllll . . . :D