35 Optical Flare Brushes

35 Optical Flare Brushes

35 Optical Flare Brushes

Included file formats:

- abr (Photoshop Brush File)
- abr (Photoshop CS6 Brush File)
- png (35 Source Files, 4000x4000 Pixel, 300dpi, transparent)
- pdf (Tutorial: How to install photoshop brushes

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35 Optical Flare Brushes

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    Because it says 35 brushes. I am a bit annoyed too, was in a hurry. I understand people need to make money but don't advertise it as 35 brushes if it is not. Never been a big fan of deceptive marketing and with me it makes me never want to purchase products from who do it...

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    you win.

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    Why are people whining about it being one free brush is the set. it's a high quality set of brushes for the price of cup of coffee... WELL worth $4!

  5. Missing

    If it's not 35, please don't say "35". otherwise you're just wasting people's time.

  6. Missing

    There's only ONE brush in this set, not 35.

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    if i see any more "100 BlaBlaBla Brushes" and in description "buy full set at www.iamfuckingpoor.com/youthoughtitwasfree", i will murder someone