My first attempt at making brushes. You can use these for whatever. Ellipsis

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  1. very good

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    Interesting Info About The Bush Viper
    Below are a few bush viper facts that'll make for an fascinating read.

    Bush Viper Fact #1:
    They're considered small for snakes.
    In contrast to other kinds of snakes, bush vipers have a very lean and tapering build and a tinier body.
    Additionally, their bodies are a tad compacted, which makes them seem even smaller when compared with other snakes.
    The total body measurements of grown up bush viper snakes from the top of the head until the tip of the end is ordinarily between 16 inches and a maximal of 31 inches.

    Bush Viper Fact #2:
    Bush Vipers possess bigger eyes than other snakes.
    When you compare a bush viper to any other kind of snake, you'll find that their eyes can be massive in regards to the typical size of their appearance.
    Bush vipers have got elliptical pupils. The sort of pupil makes it easier for them to see during the night, and it also makes it easier for them to look for their target whenever they are tracking.

    Bush Viper Fact #3:
    Bush vipers normally dwell above the soil.
    Bush vipers are arboreal animals and this also signifies that they generally live in foliage.
    In addition, bush vipers typically prefer to reside on the higher parts of the trees or on the top areas of the bushy plant life.
    They are scarcely spotted on the ground, but at times, if they are out looking for prey, they might be located on the ground, or on areas close to the ground.

    Bush Viper Fact #4:
    They are nocturnal and so are secluded in daytime.
    Bush vipers are nocturnally lively wildlife and always like to stay lazy in the day.
    They usually prefer to sleep throughout the day and hunt at nighttime.

    Find out much more regarding the fantastic Bush Viper at our blog: BUSHVIPER.INFO

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    These are very nicely done. Good variety and detail, not just globs. Thank you!

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    very good!Thank you!

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  9. Missing

    hi guys i needed Paint Spatter Brushes !!!
    i cant finded ! :( please help me
    i can Download adobe !

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    How do these get to your photoshop? :s

  11. Photoshopdummy_logo

    I really loved this. Used it here: http://photoshopdummy.blogspot.com/2011/02/paint-me.html

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    really nice :>

  13. Missing

    really nice :>

  14. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Thank you!

  15. Missing

    hey,i should pay to use this brush???

  16. Missing

    Mitici Thank

  17. Hei

    it's amazing

  18. Awsome_

    mmm Really helpful if you are one to make splashes around a picture!

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    Thank you

  20. thks

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  22. Hokage_profile

    I like this one, convinient

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