Melancholy Brushes

HEADS UP! These brushes were created in Photoshop CS5. I don't know what other versions they are compatible with. Don't worry though, I've included an image pack in the download because of this. The zip files contents: - The .ABR file created in CS5 - A .PSD file of all the brushes created in CS5 - 8 invidivual .PNG images of the brushes in the set. I hope joo like it :) Ellipsis
Melancholy Brushes

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  2. awesome thank you

  3. Missing


  4. 1


  5. ?height=50&width=50

    wowwww,,,,beautifull collections of photoshop brushes.

  6. Rodrigue

    j'aime, il ya beaucoup de créativité

  7. ?height=50&width=50

    tnx... ^^

  8. ?height=50&width=50

    amazing :) thanks

  9. Missing

    merci :)

  10. 7_risunok_flomasterom_antoinette_fleor

    thank )))

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  12. Missing

    skrillex was here. thanks

  13. Missing

    really like it. thanks

  14. P1020098

    nice one.. thanks :)

  15. 1312212352926714341_1_bbfdde82

    thanks :D

  16. Missing

    thank you! <3

  17. Missing

    love it

  18. Missing

    Sick brushes! thanks

  19. Missing

    Pretty. Thanks! :D

  20. Album_ijo_2

    + awesome !!

  21. Missing

    Sick Brushes..~!!!!

  22. Jooncry

    Pretty. Thanks! :D

  23. Img_6291

    Awesome Nice Work

  24. Missing

    yaaa realy like it.........

  25. ?height=50&width=50

    thank"s buddy...!

  26. Missing

    awesome! love it.

  27. Missing

    Muchas Gracias! :D

  28. I_love_haters_black__mo5tknown

    Yo... Thanx alot.

  29. __orchid_sized_4_flickr_48x32

    Awesome! Thank you :D

  30. Dddd

    this is very amazing........sell off......

  31. Dsc_0211_copy

    very cool :D

  32. Eagle_rebel

    Awesome, these work with CS3....actually every CS5 brush i downloaded so far is compatible with CS3 :D:D

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  34. Sclogo

    amazing work...

  35. Missing

    One question how can i get it to work on my photoshop?
    i have PS elements 8.0
    im kind of lost?
    i download it and add it where? and where can i find it?
    HELP PLEASE it would be appreciated thank you!

  36. Missing

    Good. by

  37. 50px-bandeira_brasil

    That's cool, tks....

  38. Missing

    Beautiful brushes. A small, well balanced pack with a wonderful variance in opacity and texture. I needed to make some inky, arty clouds and these worked like a dream.

  39. Missing

    Very good

  40. 92ffc6c852

    i like it

  41. Missing

    wow green na green

  42. Avatar

    Very good..!

  43. Untitled-1

    COOL! I think u have a great brain function!

  44. Missing

    goood vrrrrry gooood

  45. Missing


  46. Missing

    man....really thaks ;)...good job.

  47. Missing

    cheers maaaate.

  48. Img0077a

    thanks ^^~

  49. Question_y


  50. Missing


  51. Missing

    esta muy bacano, espero que ,me funcione en cs4 TY

  52. Missing

    Thanks very nice!

  53. Ogaaaaz4fnymgq0fcb2e7a10bqqgt7c9jsw13dvlvtuatdivu81llienl8qlcc-uublgrefliwz3nwkqzhgxm9y8jt8am1t1ugnnhlospsexp0ilme7xowrnp-fv


  54. Missing

    Cooool! Thanks.

  55. Missing


  56. 39748_135208679847850_135207783181273_155838_2329513_n

    Love iht! :D
    thankss ;O

  57. Polyvore_icon_copy

    super cool
    thanks :)

  58. Missing

    works with CS3:)

  59. Fire_face

    so cool......

  60. 01


  61. Environment_image

    thank so much!!!

  62. Missing

    Many Thanks!

  63. Missing

    Many Thanks!

  64. A_face_for_a_book

    Absolutely Killer! Thanks

  65. Ecorange

    Used them in CS3 with no problems -- VERY nice set of brushes! Thanks for sharing them!

  66. 1576


  67. Missing

    Great brushes, and they do work on CS4. I think that the brush files are compatible with different versions.

  68. 1

    Love it!

  69. Missing

    Thanks for the download :) Nice one to use... thank you

  70. Missing

    Thanks for the download. I checked for a TOU but there wasn't one included in the zip.

    Are these for personal use only, or are they commercial use as well?

  71. Missing

    Thanks a ton

  72. _avatars90_1_


  73. Missing

    Thanks , it`s good

  74. Missing

    love it :)

  75. Death_the_kid7161

    They can be opened with photoshop by right clicking>open with.. then choose photoshop.

    Or open photoshop then select the brush tool, now make a new document and right click anywere then click the small arrow in a circle and choose "load brushes".

  76. _

    thanx Axeraider70

  77. Missing

    Thank U!!

  78. Missing

    Thanx (:

  79. Wardt_al7ab_25_

    i need help too to open it !!

  80. Missing

    hello??? I am new to photoshop, and i really want to have brushes on my photoshop like this and create amazing backgrounds like those of yours but it seems that it wasn't working on my pc coz it has an extension file of.abr and the .grd, and many others. How would i have this?? would you help me please??? How can i open this files?? can someone give me a reader for this kind of files?? I just really want to try this stuffs!!!

  81. Photo_4

    You are a star!

  82. 001

    awesome brushes. (:

  83. Imvubabe

    They work in cs3&cs4 also :D

  84. Missing

    This is cool :_))))
    Thank You

  85. Looks awesome

  86. Missing

    Thank you

  87. R144

    Thank U very ... ..!!
    amazing .. !!

    See u

  88. Missing

    wicked! :D

  89. Missing


  90. Missing

    so cooool! thanks!

  91. Abdo_designs_2010_logo

    Wooooooooooooow Amazing !!

  92. 03456582841

    hmmm very nice

  93. 35281_138533632841380_132039213490822_278024_7437550_n

    how did you make that thumbnail? it looks sick! :D

  94. One-wheeled-motorcycle-3

    very very nice

  95. Otro_ava

    Muy bueno

  96. Av-6412


  97. Missing

    very good!!

  98. Nacos

    wow, tnk u

  99. Missing

    its great

  100. Image_07

    this is amazing

  101. Trey_x_vibe_april_2010_117

    wOw this is amazing ,,

  102. Missing

    tried to open them in cs4, unfornately they works :)
    absolutely amazing brushes!

  103. Hi_how_are_you_

    looks really great !!

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