Halloween shapes

Halloween shapes

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  1. Jonboy_

    Hi me-resan.
    Yes you can use these professionally, and thank you for having the courtesy of asking first, good luck.

  2. ?height=50&width=50

    Can I use professionally?
    I've used them in a free flyer: https://www.premiumzone.net/halloween-party-flyer-template/

  3. Jonboy_

    Your welcome,

  4. Missing

    Thanks a lot for something good. In this case it is really wonderful.

  5. Jonboy_

    Your welcome.

  6. Missing

    These are great! Can't believe I have missed them before. Thank you so much for sharing. I will have a ball with these. God bless~~

  7. Jonboy_

    Thank you very much for you kind and wise words Triquetra, 99% of people on this site are very appreciative, but unfortunately there will always be the odd one to try and spoil things.

  8. Missing

    They are great and thank you.

    For people who don''t like move on. It is not like you are forced to like or use them. Just try and show a little respect.

  9. Jonboy_

    English not good you speak.

  10. Missing

    boring things they are iddiot

  11. I love these! Thank you :-)

  12. Missing

    hey que buena agina ara nosotros los devoradores de imaginacion

  13. Jonboy_

    Your all very welcome, happy designing everyone.

  14. Sclogo

    these are just great.. working on this scary artwork.. so these are just perfect... thanks a million ....

  15. Missing

    no c como usarloooo ayuaa :)

  16. Missing

    thank you!!!!

  17. Missing

    Awesome! Thanks

  18. 216471c2zul0i3bq

    GREAT! thank u :)

  19. Psycho


  20. I grabbed you wonderful brushes then went to lok for the shapes you said you would try to make available. You are so kind to share these. Thank you again.

  21. Chunglim3

    it's cool brush. i like it :D

  22. Sad_girl

    than you ;)

  23. Missing

    Thank you so much.

  24. 30799_1430878861981_1533152842_1112834_2752279_n

    the design seems familiar...

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