Do what you will with my textures. Please send me a link with your finished piece. Thanks Ellipsis

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  1. Image

    I like it

  2. I would love to be able to download this one and be able to use it. Any help on what I need to do differently to unlock it. It seems I am locked from downloading it. I am new to this site, could somebody please explain the rules of engagement?

  3. I must be doing something wrong since unable to download the texture file for Photoshop but rather only the jpegs.

  4. 523068_455211034529489_274362321_n


  5. %e5%9b%a7

    love it! thank you:)

  6. Love the gold and blue scratched surface on this.

  7. 2407051-md_01mj_001

    U are right

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  9. Missing

    oh my god<<nice^,^

  10. Missing

    thx u :)

  11. Missing

    thank u!!^^

  12. Missing

    Thank you very very much for sharing your textures! I will let you know how I used them.

  13. Missing

    THK ^^

  14. Missing

    fishfry: thanks i'll be sure to try them!

  15. Missing

    Thank U ::)

  16. Missing

    Thanks! :)

  17. Aya


  18. Missing

    I love this texture! great job! :)

  19. Missing

    I love this texture! great job! :)

  20. it's looks like some fantasy globe :)

  21. Missing

    wow, very good.! thanksss!

  22. X_9f918b44

    coool) like it)

  23. Me_2


  24. Story_of_me_271_

    that's suck

  25. 32474_392825822337_701457337_4196124_6685049_n

    muy buen nivel , saludos.

  26. G


  27. Missing

    Like ittt

  28. Missing

    like it!

  29. Missing

    wow, very good.! thanksss!

  30. Missing

    yea it stopped downloading in 75% and thank u for caring to answer me

  31. What do you mean "loading" ? Do you mean it stops downloading? Worked great for me.

  32. Missing

    why it stops loading in 75% percent:(

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